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Hakuro - Shadow Grinding Brush - H74
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Hakuro - Shadow Grinding Brush - H74

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Brand: Hakuro
Length of the bristles 18 mm
Length of the handle 16.4 cm (cap 3.7 cm)
Brand: Hakuro
Length of the bristles 18 mm
Length of the handle 16.4 cm (cap 3.7 cm)

The cosmetic brush of the popular Polish brand HAKURO is designed to grind and blend the shadows. Also in the application of shadows in the refraction. The shape of the bristles, arranged in a neck, cut to the right length, allows precise trimming of the shadows. Excellent softness and elasticity of the bristles make it not irritate the delicate eyelid skin. The H74 brush is made of natural, bleached bristles that are embedded in a nickel round cap. Robust construction makes the brush resistant to damage and last for a long time. Quality and solid workmanship make this brush not lose its bristles, so it can easily grind the shadows. The handle is  made of wood, painted matt black. Perfectly integrates with the tag, which this and other brushes of this brand catch attention with Hakuro's simplicity and aesthetics. The brush is easy to use and to maintain. Even in the least experienced hands, you can achieve amazing results. Suitable for both daily and evening make-ups. It allows you to dispense the right amount of product and build color clarity. It is also important that, during use and cleaning, it does not deform,but remains in a perfect condition for a long time. BRUSH IN A NEW, IMPROVED VERSION. BETTER SHAPE AND HIGHER QUALITY SHAPE.

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Product rating

Average rating 4.81 (676 reviews)
Reviews of Hakuro - Shadow Grinding Brush - H74:
rimrim32 Customer review
2019-10-01 08:05:43
Good brush

NATALIA Customer review
2019-05-26 14:50:23
Great item.

Annad Customer review
2019-05-11 18:11:00
Good for blending small areas

Kuznitsov Customer review
2019-02-22 12:37:33
nice quality easy to blend

Anoula Customer review
2019-02-03 10:53:26
This brush is just so soft and so perfect for blending! I couldn't even imagine that such affordable brush can be soooo good! I tried a lot of cheap and not cheap brushes and this brand is my favorite! However my must haves for the eye makeup from this brand are brushes H79 and H77!

sapirdavid Customer review
2018-11-04 10:49:35
great brush!!

beautyinbetween Customer review
2018-03-07 06:03:29
Great and cheap brush

miritasaf Customer review
2018-01-11 20:59:16

koalalala Customer review
2018-01-03 06:11:46
very good blending brush, its not too big and not small, perfect size + very soft!!

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