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Brand Dr Irena Eris

Cosmetics by Dr Irena Eris

Dr Irena Eris is a Polish brand founded by Irena Szołomicka-Orfinger.  - a talented certified pharmacist. The brand has been in the business for over 30 years. It has many customers both from Poland and abroad. At the beginning, Irene produced creams for herself and her friends. After some time, she began to produce cosmetics professionaly. She founded the brand and sold products of her workmanship. As the founder herself claims, when starting the brand, she just wanted to make living. She did not think the business would grow on such a large scale. Today Dr Irena Eris cosmetics are associated with a good, solid and reliable products. They are luxury goods of high quality. The cosmetics resemble Irena's passion and love to create cosmetics. This brand faces the expectations of even the most demanding women.