Bell Cosmetics

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The Bell brand is a leader among Polish cosmetic brands due to its popularity and sales. As a recognized manufacturer and distributor of color cosmetics, it offers high-standard products. Bell takes care of the development of modern production technologies in order to offer good quality products. She constantly improves her cosmetics - she introduces new ingredients available on global markets and uses modern technical and technological solutions. It has its own laboratory, whose employees strive to provide cosmetics that not only beautify, but above all nurture. They also control the quality of products. The brand follows the latest trends and, in addition to basic cosmetic lines, introduces fashionable, seasonal collections. Additionally, she creates and makes product packaging herself. Bell first consolidated and stabilized its position on the Polish market, and then entered the European market. It sells its products to countries in both Central and Eastern Europe and Western Europe. It is present on the markets of: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, South Africa and the Middle East. Countries that have recently joined this group include: Greece, Sweden, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, and even Taiwan.

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