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The Bikor Professional Color Cosmetics brand is synonymous with luxury. It was founded by Elżbieta Korbutt in 1992 in Gdańsk. The name is a combination of the first elements of the surnames of the originator's son (Biliczak) and herself. The foundations of Mrs. Elżbieta's interests were the aesthetics of appearance and natural beauty, which she combined with entrepreneurship and an unfailing sense of taste. In this way, she created the BIKOR brand - dynamically conquering the make-up cosmetics market in Poland and abroad. She introduced the multifunctional bronzing cosmetic 'Egyptische Erde' to the Polish market. It is distinguished by its excellent quality and is considered by many professionals to be the best cosmetic of this type. A little later, together with her daughter Małgorzata, she created her own palette of professional Bikor color cosmetics. She addressed it to people professionally involved in applying makeup. The cosmetics have a unique composition, rich in natural minerals, oils and vitamins. Bikor has become a trade brand known not only in Poland, but also in Europe. It wins many awards - which shows the industry community's recognition and sympathy for this brand. These included: the title of Europrodukt and the title of the best cosmetic for the 'Egyptische Erde' of the Estetyka fair. Bikor has also introduced a professional palette of color cosmetics, which in terms of functionality resembles a painting palette. It was an original idea. The list of products included in the palette can be freely modified to suit the makeup you are currently doing. The idea was appreciated by make-up artists, and the company was awarded the Golden Seal. The brand is present at the largest cosmetics fairs in the country and is the originator and sponsor of many makeup championships.

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