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The origins of the brand begin in 1911 when Dr. Isaac Lifschütz developed a new and modern ingredient called Eucerite. It allows you to combine oil with water, which allowed you to create a delicate and stable emulsion, which is the basis of the first NIVEA cream. The brand name comes from the Latin word "nix, nivis" which simply means snow, and this is the color of the iconic cream. Over the years, the brand releases newer products, such as powder, body lotion, tanning oil and a whole line of products for men and children. The brand also focused heavily on promotion (which was not so popular at that time), which resulted in the employment of 3 boys and 3 girls in the advertisement, who became the faces of Nivea. The first characteristic blue packaging of the cream, which is still with us today and is the company's symbol, was released on the market in 1924 . The next stage was the addition of an innovative ingredient to the product formulas, which comes directly from the skin and is still the basis of most cosmetics, coenzyme Q10 , which has a strong anti-aging effect. The brand is still developing dynamically and is known in many different countries around the world, and a team of over 500 specialists in laboratories are working on newer and better recipes and products.

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