Babushka Agafia natural Russian cosmetics

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The Agafia brand comes from Russia. Her cosmetics are based mainly on natural, herbal recipes, passed down from generation to generation, created by the famous herbalist Agafia Tikhonova Ermakowa. The abundance of herbal extracts from Siberia and special plant compositions combined with a simple composition make the cosmetics not only effective and safe , but also loved and adored all over the world. Affordable price and ease of access popularized the brand, but surprisingly, they can also be found in renowned SPA salons . The brand specializes in body, hair and face care cosmetics , as well as cleaning products . Its offer includes: shampoos, balms and hair masks for various needs and problems, peels, scrubs and face masks, toothpastes, hand and foot creams, body and hair soaps (e.g. Black soap), dishwashing gels, household soaps and face creams.

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