Fake Bake self-tanners and lotions for the face and body

Fake Bake
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Fake Bake

Fake Bake is a professional brand that produces self-tanning products. Created in 1995 in the USA, it was the first to introduce to the market a combination of natural bronzing ingredients - DHA, Erythrulose and DMI - ensuring a much longer (up to 50%) and more natural- looking tan.

Fake Bake has been appreciated by both cosmetology experts and celebrities. And according to the New York Times, it took first place in the ranking of the best self-tanner brands place (out of 22 competing brands).

All products of this brand were created with care in the selection of ingredients (only ingredients of natural origin) and with the people using them in mind. This maximizes the duration of the tan while minimizing the formation of streaks. Additionally, the products have anti-aging, anti-cellulite and firming properties.

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