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Brand La Rosa

La Rosa cosmetics

LA ROSA - a brand that stands for uniqueness. LA ROSA says that a woman is a self-aware, enjoying life and is classy, her strengths are radiant complexion and silky smooth body. Such a woman should be characterized by gentle manicure and elegant make-up matching the occasion and her character. This brand offers cosmetics that are beautifying, nurturing and adding glamour. It combines high quality and versatility - the products are manufactured with modern technologies and those that go back to nature. Mineral cosmetics from La Rosa are new generation products. They contain no chemicals, talc or synthetic fragrances. They provide gentle, natural make-up and have amazing healing and brightening effects. The brand handles also hand and nail care inter alia polymers and monomers for nail extension and modeling in various methods. La Rosa cosmetics have a well-selected and tested chemical composition that ensures product control and comfort. The brand also offers epilating cosmetics such as waxes made from top quality resin with the addition of minerals. La Rosa makes sure that each of us feels beautiful and unique...