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The Perfecta brand was established in Poland in 2004. However, its roots go back much further , i.e. 1984, when Jacek Majdax and Wojciech Szulc, as students at the Medical University of Warsaw, met, became friends and founded Dax Cosmetics together. Since then, they have worked side by side and created newer cosmetic recipes, which are the prototypes for many of today's Perfecta cosmetics and product lines. The brand's motto is to create cosmetics tailored to the needs of every woman, her skin and complexion, whatever it may be. It does not have to be time-consuming, but effective. Perfecta has developed special lines of cosmetics, including: for pregnant women and new mothers , mature people , combination and acne skin, as well as teenagers. Its offer includes many different products for face, body and hand care.

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