Avon body, hair and make-up cosmetics

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The Avon brand was established in 1886 by David H. McConnell. At the beginning, the company dealt in... selling books! McConnell added a free perfume sample to each purchased item. He soon realized that cosmetics were more interesting to women and he started composing his own perfumes. He gathered around himself a group of sales representatives who dealt with selling products. Today, Avon has over 5 million consultants, the number of which is growing every moment, has over 750 patents and has donated over USD 1 billion to women's causes. The brand has been operating dynamically in Poland for 30 years and has entered the homes of many women. Its offer includes amazing eau de parfums and eau de toilettes, cosmetics for face, body and hair care, as well as all kinds of make-up cosmetics, as well as products for men and children.

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