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HOLIKA HOLIKA is a Korean brand established in 2010. It debuted on the foreign market at one of the best moments when Korean cosmetics aroused the greatest fascination and admiration. Today, Holika Holika is known and liked not only in Asia and America, but also in many European countries. The brand's creators assumed that taking care of the skin should not only be a routine duty, but also fun and pleasure. The result is incredibly charming packaging and graphics. It specializes in particular in care products for the body, hair, face, hands and feet, as well as color cosmetics. Some of the most recognizable Holika Holika products are 99% Aleos gel, sheet masks with animal prints and BB creams. Additionally, the brand's assortment includes: lipsticks, aloe-based facial emulsions and foams, hair essences and shampoos, facial tonics and masks, cooling face and body mist, and hair wax.

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