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Estée Lauder

The brand was founded in 1946 by Josephine Esther "Estée" Mentzer. A woman who has been in love with creating cosmetics since her youth. She picked up the knack from her chemist uncle. The first products were created in an ordinary kitchen. Estée had an incredible talent not only for creating cosmetics but also for marketing. Thanks to her strength and determination, she opened a store on the famous Fifth Avenue. Slowly, step by step, gaining reputation and crowds of clients. This technologically advanced and innovative company has gained worldwide recognition for its elegance, luxury and extraordinary quality. One of the catchy slogans invented by Estée is I sell creams, I give away beauty and Start the year with a new face. Estée Lauder products promise the highest standards and excellence. Thanks to extensive and in-depth research and strict evaluation procedures, the brand offers cosmetics that are both gentle and highly effective.

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