SYLVECO dla dzieci - SYLVECO for children - Natural cosmetics for children.

SYLVECO dla dzieci
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SYLVECO dla dzieci

The SYLVECO brand for children comes from its older namesake, the SYLVECO brand. It consists of two lines of care cosmetics: for babies and children over 3 years of age. They arose due to a market deficit for mild products, including: fragrance compositions, irritating cleaning agents and strong preservatives. Properly selected ingredients intensively moisturize and soften, as well as soothe allergic lesions and redness, which is why, in addition to children, the products are recommended for people with atopic dermatitis, regardless of age. SYLVECO's offer for children includes: body powder, face and body cream for babies, body oil with betulin, shampoo and bath liquid and many others.

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