LaQ Natural cosmetics for body and face care

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LaQ is a Polish brand founded by Karolina Latanowicz. This brand is based on natural ingredients. It was created for people who want to live in harmony with nature and like simplicity of care. Its offer includes beautiful and elegant glycerin soaps, natural oils and hyaluronic acid. All this was created with women and their needs in mind. The Happy Soaps series are handmade, beautiful looking soaps. Perfect for both care and bathroom decoration.

"I wanted to give women what I was looking for - cosmetics tailored to the needs of even the most demanding skin, replacing several different products and significantly reducing the time spent in the bathroom. I believe that each of us deserves the best and each of us can feel beautiful in own body, regardless of who he is and what he does every day."

writes Karolina Latanowicz on her store's website.

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