GLOV Make-up removal gloves

97 ratings


GLOV is a young Polish company. Thanks to its innovative and practical ideas, it has already revolutionized the cosmetics market. GLOV Hydro Demaquillage are facial cleansing products that will remove even the strongest makeup and other dirt only with water. GLOV was created thanks to an ingenious combination of water and fat absorbing materials. Its single fiber is up to 100 times thinner than a human hair, and its cross-section is shaped like a starfish, thanks to which it quickly and effectively absorbs makeup and other dirt without irritating the skin.

"Gentle peeling action, improvement of skin blood supply thanks to the massage effect, lack of harmful effects of detergents, as well as proper preparation of the skin to receive the beneficial ingredients of care cosmetics allow for a significant improvement in the condition of the skin" - says Ewa Dudzic, vice-president of the management board of Phenicoptere Spółka zoo

This product is an alternative for people with skin allergies to many different make-up removal cosmetics. At the same time, it does not affect the hydrolipid barrier of the skin. Laboratory tests have proven that GLOV does not cause irritation even in atopic skin.

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