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Ingrid make-up cosmetics

Ingrid is one of the leading cosmetic brands of the well-known manufacturer Verona Products Professional. Verona was founded in 2003, and this was preceded by many years of experience gained in global markets, which resulted in achieving a strong position in the cosmetic industry. It is a manufacturer of make-up, care of face and body cosmetics and hair coloring and styling. INGRID and it's other brands have gained the trust of customers and enjoy excellent reputation. The company develops expansively and constantly expands range of the offered products. Ingrid's main principles are high standard and aesthetics. The brand adapts to the needs of customers and current and upcoming trends in the cosmetic market. Products are characterized by innovation, professionalism and interesting packaging design - all at an affordable price. It has a modern and highly developed machines allowing for rapid execution of the projects. INGRID is undoubtedly the most recognizable brand in the Polish market and in several countries in Asia and Europe. It received many awards and prizes such as Cult Concept 2008 - for Ingrid's professionalism in make-up, Pearl of the Cosmetic Market 2008 - for the eyeshadow Casablanca and Cult Cosmetic 2010 - for Ideal Face foundation.

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