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The history of Apis Natural Cosmetics

APIS is a domestic brand that proudly represents Polish cosmetics internationally. The history of the brand began in 1988, when biotechnologist Krystyna Arcabowicz turned to her passion for cosmetology and her hobby of creating cosmetics.

The first APIS cosmetic developed by a woman is the iconic cream with royal jelly, which to this day enjoys unflagging popularity and recognition among customers, even in professional beauty salons.

The APIS brand believes that conscious care is the key to success on the way to perfect, healthy and well-groomed skin of the entire body. Combining natural ingredients with the latest scientific achievements has become the company's flagship. The APIS brand offer already includes over 400 products distributed to beauty salons and in the so-called home care category, i.e. products for home use.

Professional care cosmetics

The APIS brand creates professional products based only on natural ingredients, with beneficial effects and developed with the needs and problems of skin and hair in mind. The categories in which the brand specializes are face, body and hair care. Regardless of the problems we face or the needs of our skin, we will certainly find the right cosmetic for ourselves among APIS products.

Facial products

APIS facial cosmetics have good moisturizing, regenerating, nourishing and smoothing properties. Popular products from this category include algae masks, face serum (we recommend Raspberry Glow with freeze-dried raspberries) and face creams, e.g. the Lifting Peptide series for mature skin.

This category also includes acids for gentle exfoliation of dead skin (popular among beauty salons) and cosmetics for gentle facial make-up removal, e.g. oils and micellar fluids, as well as products with a very original structure of butter or yogurt.

Body cosmetics

Cosmetics for daily body care are some of the most frequently purchased products by women and men around the world. The brand selects active ingredients in its products to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. This category includes, among others: products such as: beneficial body balms, cleansing scrubs, bath salts (e.g. with minerals from the Dead Sea) and shower gel.

Preparations for the scalp and hair

APIS also offers a large selection of care products ideal for hair of various porosity and for delicate and irritated scalp. This category includes products such as shampoos and hair conditioners, targeted at various needs and problems, as well as hair masks (a popular strengthening mask against hair loss and a mud mask containing minerals from the Dead Sea).

APIS cosmetics at Ladymakeup

Our store's assortment includes APIS cosmetics from most categories, i.e. face, body, scalp and hair care, as well as hand, foot and lip care. The products can be used regardless of gender, i.e. by both men and women. The bestselling series in our store are:

  • API-PODO - a professional series of foot cosmetics that takes care of their healthy and well-groomed appearance. It includes, among others: softening gel with 30% urea, creams with 20% urea or peeling with AHA acids.

  • HIMALAYAN - a highly moisturizing series for dry skin. Its operation is based, among others, on: based on water from Himalayan springs. It consists of micellar foam and face mist.

  • Professional - a series of professional cosmetics with highly concentrated active ingredients. Depending on your skin type, you can choose the right products for yourself.


The APIS brand is a Polish company producing cosmetics dedicated to the care of the face, body and hair of various porosities. It creates cosmetics for both professional and home use. Its products use the highest quality ingredients of natural origin with proven effects. Regardless of the type or skin problem you struggle with, the APIS Natural Cosmetics brand offers cosmetics with proven effects that are effective and affordable. Visit our Ladymakeup online drugstore and choose your APIS cosmetic that will stay with you for a long time.

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