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Brand history

BasicLab is a Polish brand that produces specialized dermocosmetics. It was founded in 2018 by two friends Joanna Zgajewska and Anita Zacharska. The inspiration to create the brand was the physical lack of suitable products for sensitive and problematic skin. Therefore, the cosmetic formulas have been designed to meet even the most complex needs and problems of demanding face and body skin.

The formulas of BasicLab cosmetics have been developed to minimize the risk of allergies and irritations as much as possible, making them safe for allergy sufferers and people struggling with various problems such as skin hypersensitivity, imperfections, discolorations, overproduction of sebum or wrinkles.

BasicLab dermocosmetics are placed in very aesthetic packaging with a minimalist graphic design, which is very transparent and makes them look beautiful in every bathroom, as well as on a shelf or on a dressing table.

Out of concern for the environment, the owners of BasicLab were among the first on the market to introduce recycled packaging. Additionally, with animals in mind, the BasicLab brand has never and will not test its products on living creatures. In addition, the brand actively supports young and older women affected by period poverty through cooperation with the Jeszcze foundation.

BasicLab Dermocosmetics cosmetics

BasicLab products are care cosmetics for the whole family. They are perfect for men, women and children, regardless of skin type. In its recipes, the brand pays special attention to high-quality active ingredients that act on the skin from the inside and outside.

As the company developed more and more rapidly, the number of products in the brand's offer began to increase significantly. Currently, BasicLab's offer includes products with various activities. We can divide them into several categories:

face care

  • These are products intended for daily facial care, such as: serums and creams that provide immediate relief for sensitive skin, specialized acid peels,

Facial cleansing products.

  • Its composition includes delicate micellar fluids for cleansing and washing the face, and at the same time removing make-up from all types of facial skin, including sensitive, vascular, dry and oily.

Cosmetics for body care and washing

  • It contains products such as body wash gels, antiperspirants (Anti Perspiris series) and care balms for the entire body.

Hair products

  • It consists of shampoos and hair conditioners that ensure optimal hair hydration, without the fear of drying out and irritating the delicate scalp.

BasicLab products - Bestsellers

BasicLab dermocosmetics have taken the cosmetics market by storm, effectively filling the gap in specialized products targeted at the needs and type of skin. In our store you will find many popular products and series.

The bestseller at Ladymakeup is undoubtedly BasicLab Esteticus - a specialized series of skin care cosmetics. It takes care of the appearance and condition of the skin. It can be divided into several lines depending on the active ingredients contained in the cosmetics. Among them we will find, among others: : :

  • Vitamin C , which when used regularly, allows you to get rid of discolorations and slows down the aging process of the epidermis. We recommend BasicLab Esteticus - Antioxidant regenerating serum with 6% vitamin, 0.5% coenzyme Q10, resveratrol and borage oil.

  • Retinol, an ingredient with a strong anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating effect. For beginners, we recommend BasicLab Esteticus Night Serum with 0.5% pure retinol, coenzyme Q10 and squalane.

  • Ceramides are called skin cement. They effectively firm, elasticize and smooth. With this ingredient, we recommend BasicLab Esteticus Regenerating Serum with 1% ceramides, 2% prebiotic and vitamin E, as well as Basiclab Complementis Ceramide Regenerating Cream with 5% betaine and 3% urea.

  • Niacinamide, an amazing ingredient that effectively fights imperfections and overproduction of sebum, and also helps get rid of the problem of enlarged pores. We recommend cosmetics with this ingredient: BasicLab - Esteticus Serum reducing imperfections with 10% niacinamide and Esteticus - Serum with 5% niacinamide, which is safe for skin prone to irritation and helps get rid of acne.

You can find this and many other BasicLab products in our online store. See for yourself that it is worth investing in the health and beauty of your skin. Visit our drugstore and add the BasicLab product to your cart and you won't regret it.

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