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Lumene is a Finnish cosmetics brand whose products are distinguished by natural compositions inspired by Nordic nature. The company specializes in the production of high-quality body care cosmetics and face make-up products that take care of the skin while ensuring a feeling of freshness and a healthy glow. Additionally, the brand is committed to sustainable development, which makes their products popular among people looking for effective environmentally friendly cosmetics.

Brand history

The company was established in 1970 in Finland. In less than three years since its establishment, it has become the most recognizable brand in the country. Currently, Lumene is a brand with over 50 years of tradition and a strong international position, which offers a wide range of products not only for skin care, but also colorful makeup cosmetics.

The brand was named after Lake Lummenne, located in central Finland, but this is not the only meaning of the name, because Lumen means light in Latin.

Lumene body care products

The Lumene brand offers a wide range of body care cosmetics rich in natural ingredients for both women and men, which can be divided into several categories:

  • Creams with a light formula that have a strong moisturizing and nourishing effect.

  • Balms with a richer consistency than creams, the advantage of which is a natural composition that ensures strong hydration and beautiful appearance of the body.

  • Shower gels intended for daily skin care while bathing.

  • Peelings containing exfoliating particles that cleanse the skin and help remove dead skin cells.

  • Milks in the form of light emulsions with a moisturizing consistency that are easily absorbed and protect the skin.

Lumene cosmetics for make-up

The brand's offer includes a wide range of colorful facial makeup products. These products perfectly care for all skin types, and importantly, they can also be successfully used for sensitive skin. These include:

  • Foundations - with various formulas that care for the skin and are available in many shades.

  • CC cream is a 3-in-1 cosmetic that acts as a smoothing foundation, concealer and highlighter.

  • Concealers - to hide skin imperfections, such as dark circles under the eyes or minor discolorations.

  • Powders - used to set makeup, mattify the skin or control shine.

  • Cheek blushes - which will add a natural blush to the complexion and highlight the cheekbones

  • Bronzers - perfect for contouring the face, giving the complexion a warm shade.

  • Mascaras - perfectly emphasizing the look with various formulas and colors.

  • Highlighters - which add a glowing effect and highlight selected areas of the face.

  • Makeup bases - prepare the skin for the application of colored cosmetics, as well as improve the durability and even application of foundation.

  • Fixers - products that ensure the durability of makeup.

Popular series of Lumene cosmetics for face care

Lumene's offer includes facial care cosmetics, which are divided into various series. All inspired by Arctic nature and wildlife, they help keep the skin healthy and radiant.

  • Valo (Bright Now) is a series of cosmetics that includes creams, tonic, serum, face wash gel and masks. They provide the skin with strong moisturizing and brightening properties. Their formulas are based on wild cloudberries, vitamin C and Arctic spring water.

  • Nordic Hydra is especially recommended for people with dry or dehydrated skin that focuses on intense moisturization. Cosmetics from this series leave the skin velvety smooth to the touch, and their composition is rich in Nordic birch sap, Arctic spring water and Nordic berry water.

Lumene brand at Ladymakeup

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