Luxurious care cosmetics from Herla

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Herla is a luxury cosmetics brand founded by Grandma and Granddaughter, two women representing completely different generations. It mainly focuses on the production of face and body care cosmetics. Its products combine the latest scientific achievements with valuable, natural ingredients from all over the world. In line with the holistic approach to care and the company's philosophy, it wants to achieve harmony between internal and external beauty in its cosmetics. Because every woman deserves cosmetics whose regular use will allow them to achieve such balance and good skin condition that they can limit the use of make-up to a minimum. The brand focuses entirely on women and their individual needs. Hence the brand name HER with the addition of the LA ending. The brand's offer includes, among others: creams, eye gels, serums, oils, masks, scrubs, micellar fluids, tonics, balms, masks, etc.


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