EMBRYOLISSE Cosmetics for body and face care

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Embryolisse - is a world-famous and beloved French brand of care cosmetics. Its roots date back to 1950; in which the Parisian dermatologist created the now legendary nourishing and moisturizing cream, designed to protect the skin against harmful external factors and accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis. The cosmetic quickly gained the sympathy of local women and became a permanent part of their cosmetic bags. To this day, it is still used by the third generation of Parisians.

Thanks to numerous make-up artists and cosmetologists visiting Paris, the cream also gained fame outside France and became a favorite of models, actresses and many other women around the world.

Embryolisse specializes in dermocosmetics with a unique satin finish and the ability to instantly refresh and soothe even the most irritated and dehydrated skin. Thanks to its cosmetics, it allows you to achieve the effect of extremely well-groomed, nourished and moisturized skin, while maintaining and restoring its vitality and healthy color.

The recipe of the legendary Embryolisse cream was hailed by InStyle magazine as the recipe of all time, earning it the title "Product Best Ever".

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