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History of creation

Bielenda is a Polish cosmetics brand that produces face and body care cosmetics. It celebrates its beginnings in Liszki near Cracow, where in 1990 it was founded as a small family company by Barbara Bielenda. The 1990s were a perfect time for development on the market. Consumers were looking for good domestic products. And so, after a few years, Mrs. Barbara and her brand conquered not only the Polish market, but also the foreign one.

Currently, the company is run by Mrs. Barbara's sons - Marek and Jacek Bielenda. They export their cosmetics to over 45 countries around the world, such as Estonia, Greece, France, South Korea, as well as the USA, Czech Republic, Singapore and even Canada.

However, to this day, the brand remains faithful to its principles, i.e. to provide the skin with comprehensive, yet safe and friendly care based on natural active ingredients.

Bielenda cosmetics for face and body care

In line with its assumptions, the brand's products are created with attention to the highest quality natural active ingredients. Thanks to well-developed recipes in the scientific research department, Bielenda cosmetics ensure effective action, and the lowest price on the market makes them available to everyone.

Care cosmetics are the basic base of cosmetics in which the brand specializes. Its portfolio includes many series tailored to the needs of the skin and the age of the people using a given cosmetic. Here you will find, among others: cream for face with discolorations, as well as for skin prone to irritation or dryness. Popular products and series in our store include:

  • Water Balance Aqua Gel - A light gel that cares for all types of skin, especially dehydrated ones, as it has strong moisturizing properties.

  • Bakuchiol BioRetinol Effect is a series of cosmetics for mature skin. Its action is based on bakuchiol - a plant equivalent of retinol. It has strong anti-aging, moisturizing, revitalizing and collagen production stimulating properties. It includes, for example: eye cream, face serum, day and night creams and micellar fluid.

  • Golden Ceramides is a line of cosmetics for face and body skin with visible signs of aging. When used regularly, it regenerates and smoothes the epidermis, and restores the skin's firmness and elasticity. It contains a complex of ceramides 1, 3 and 6 and 24K gold.

  • Vegan Muesli Serum in two variants, supporting dry, oily and combination skin. Both products contain oat plant extract, which provides comprehensive skin care.

The Bielenda Magic Bronze series is also popular, thanks to which the skin self-tanning treatment becomes extremely simple and hassle-free.

Hair care products

Bielenda cosmetics are not only products for the face and body. The brand's interests also include natural hair cosmetics that will make them look beautiful. Their care is particularly important because hair is often a person's showcase, and their well-groomed appearance gives everyone self-confidence.

The products offered by Bielenda include hair conditioners and shampoos. Popular series in our store that customers often add to their virtual shopping cart include: Hair Coach, Botanic SPA Rituals and 100% Pure Vegan.

Makeup cosmetics

Facial makeup is an everyday part of most adult women's lives. It allows you to cover skin imperfections and express yourself. Bielenda cosmetics also dominate in this category. Among it you will find many products that can be used during the day when applying makeup. Bielenda has, among others, illuminating and mattifying face foundations, make-up bases and many other products.

It is also worth checking out the brand's facial make-up removal cosmetics. They ensure quick and efficient removal of makeup and its residues, without fear of irritating sensitive skin or disturbing the skin's natural hydro-lipid barrier. Our store offers many such products from different series, with different active ingredients and formulas, such as water/micellar fluid or emulsion.

Bielenda Professional - Professional brand products

After its great success in creating cosmetics used at home, Bielenda decided to go a step further and enter the professional market. She created a new cosmetic brand, Bielenda Professional, whose task is to supply beauty salons with its products.

Products created under this brand are intended exclusively for professional use and are currently valued by many cosmetologists. There are many product lines among them, but we can distinguish several more popular cosmetic lines:

  • Supremelab Hydra-Hyal2 Injection for dry, sensitive, dehydrated and mature skin. Thanks to the addition of hyaluronic acid and other care ingredients, they soothe and soothe skin irritations right from the beginning of use and restore the feeling of comfort for a long time.

  • Face Algae Mask - professional face masks in powder form, to be mixed with water. It includes various series aimed at the care of various types of facial skin, e.g. oily skin with visible acne. Their action is based on sea algae with the addition of other beneficial ingredients.

  • Supremelab Sebio Derm is a series that cares for oily skin, combination skin and skin with the first wrinkles. It includes products such as: a specialized serum based on niacinamide that tightens pores, a face cream that helps remove imperfections, and antibacterial tonics.

  • Supremelab Energy Boost line for tired, sallow, gray and uneven skin tone. Its action is based on ultrastable vitamin C and ferulic acid. It includes, among others: illuminating and discoloration-lightening serum and energizing and moisturizing face cream.

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