Dove deodorants, soaps, gels, care cosmetics

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The Dove brand comes from Great Britain. It owes its success to the universal bar of soap, which had its origins during World War II. The brand came to Poland only in 1993 and immediately became a hit. Dove specializes in the production of face and body care cosmetics, as well as deodorants, antiperspirants, soaps and shower gels , for both women and men. However, the fair sex has been the target audience from the very beginning. Dove's motto is that " true beauty embraces diversity ", so no one should feel excluded from the world of beauty. The brand's offer includes products such as: deodorants and antiperspirants in sticks, sprays and balls, body gels and balms, hand and foot creams, liquid and bar soaps, as well as baby wipes and shampoos. hair.

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