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Real Techniques
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Real Techniques

Real Techniques is a brand that produces synthetic makeup accessories used by professionals and amateurs around the world. The products were created with the participation of the famous British make-up artist Samantha Chapman, associated mainly with the " Pixiwoo " channel. Sam is a nice blogger and make-up artist who, together with her sister, has gained popularity thanks to her numerous tutorials. The videos contain very helpful makeup tips. Sam's experience resulted in the creation of a series of synthetic brushes made of two-layer TAKLON bristles. The brushes have profiled handles, some of them can be placed in a vertical position. There are sets of brushes available that are placed in a 2-in-1 case. In addition to the protective function, the packaging can be placed on a stand, which allows for convenience when applying makeup and for their effective presentation. The colors of the handle correspond to the individual stages of creating makeup: gold is for base makeup, purple is for eyes, and pink is for finishing makeup. Each of them is additionally embossed with the purpose of the brush. Samantha, with her incredible ideas immortalized in videos on the Internet, helps many people create unusual and surprising makeup.

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