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Yardley cosmetics

Yardley London is a brand known for it's luxurious perfumes and soaps. House Yardley was founded in England in the mid-seventeenth century, during the reign of King Charles 1. An entrepreneurial young man named Jonathan Yardley obtained a royal warrant for the provision of all the soap to the City of London. The funds for this purpose came from the royal treasury. This project has been lost because of the great fire of London in 1666. He saved only one detail - lavender, which is used to manufacture perfumes and soaps. 100 years later (1770) Cleaver family reopened the house perfume Yardley London. It created the soap and perfume business bases known today. Clever activity led to further development of Yardley in business. Already in the beginning of 1800 Yardley London was back in the family. From that moment on the brand is growing and prospering. Yardley's ad has become a sign of the times. Until 1880 cosmetics were exported to the United States, then to Australia and all over the world. The success of the Royal family has contributed to innovation and new products. It was a proof of the popularity of Yardley and a stable position on the perfumes market. In 1960 Yardley introduced a line of fragrances for men. Then the style icon, Twiggy became the face of Yardley. In subsequent years Yardley had different owners and corporations. Today the brand represents rich, magnificent historical heritage with pride and experience. It continues to create luxury products for demanding customers around the world. Eternal, classic brand of cosmetics, based on fresh, natural ingredients grown in different parts of England. It might be called a royal brand because of the tradition of almost 400 years ...