Kabos - Gelike - Color - Hybrid Nail Polish - 5 ml

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Brand: KABOS
Capacity (ml) 5 ( 100 ml = $91.80 )
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Gelike Color Hybrid Nail Polish by Kabos.

Hybrid nail polish. It is based on a special non-invasive formula, making it ideal for people with delicate and sensitive nail plates, as well as those with a history of allergies to the hybrid. The varnish works perfectly with the natural nail plate, so it no longer needs to be matte, but degreased. It has a less gel-like consistency (similar to classic varnishes) than other hybrids, which does not make them less effective and durable. It should be fixed in a UV/LED lamp with a power of at least 36W, which will ensure that the styling will last on the nails for up to 2 weeks. At the same time, the varnish has a delicate and non-irritating scent. The richness of shades makes it easy to find your favorite color.

  • Hybrid nail polish.
  • Lasts up to 2 weeks.
  • Good for delicate nail plate.
  • It has many shades and finishes.

- ANEMONE - milky flesh with a hint of pink,
- ANTIQUE ROSE - peach pink,
- BELLA - pink and purple,
- BLACK SEDUCTION - black with gold particles,
- BLACK TEMPTATION - black with silver particles,
- BUBBLE GUM - plum purple,
- CABARET - raspberry red,
- CAFFE LATTE - light coffee brown,
- CHERRY LADY - burgundy-red with particles,
- COBALT - dark blue,
- CREAMY HEAVEN - light, whitened blue,
- CREAMY PINK - light, whitened pink,
- DANCE PARTY - berry pink,
- DARK NIGHT - black,
- DEEP WINE - dark burgundy,
- DIVA - red with a hint of burgundy brown,
- FUCHSIA FEVER - fuchsia,
- FUSION - cherry,
- GEISHA - pink and red,
- GEORGETTE - whitened pink with particles,
- GIN & TONIC - transparent with particles,
- GOLDEN ANGEL - transparent with gold and silver glitter,
- HOLIDAYS - peach,
- HYPNOTIC - red,
- IMPERIUM - burgundy with a hint of pink,
- JAZZ - light gray,
- KISS ME - intense pink with a hint of purple,
- LOVE STORY - intense fuchsia pink,
- MAMBA - powder pink,
- MEMORY - purple with a hint of pink,
- MILD - beige-gray with particles,
- MILITARY COAT - gray-green,
- MILKY KIWI - mint,
- MILKY ORANGE - whitened red with a hint of orange,
- MINT FROSTING - mint-blue,
- MISS FLEUR - dark, dirty pink,
- NECTAR - beige and orange,
- NOUGAT - milky beige,
- PINK PEONIES - pink,
- PORTO - red with a hint of burgundy with particles,
- POWERPUFF - neon yellow,
- PROVANCE - lavender pink,
- ROMANCE - classic red with particles,
- ROMANTIC DUSK - beige with a hint of dirty pink,
- SHY - very light powder pink with shiny particles,
- SILENT PANSY - whitened dirty pink,
- SLEEPY DAY - gray-beige with shiny particles,
- SO SEXY - blood red,
- STARRY NIGHT - dark navy blue with particles,
- SUCULENT - whitened green,
- SWEET BEGONIA - smoky pink with a hint of red,
- TABASCO - orange-red,
- VEIL - nude-beige,
- WATERMELON - juicy, watermelon red.

For professional use only. Please read the usage carefully. Avoid skin contact. Avoid contact with eyes. May cause an allergic reaction. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep away from children.
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