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Hakuro - powder brush - H55
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Hakuro - powder brush - H55

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VAT rate: 0%
Brand: Hakuro
Length of the bristles 4 cm
Length of the handle 14.5 cm
Brand: Hakuro
Length of the bristles 4 cm
Length of the handle 14.5 cm

Hakuro H55 is a brush designed to distribute any loose, pressed or stone cosmetics. The product is easy to use and to maintain clean. It will work perfectly for both professionals and beginners. It will help with the make-up of the day and evening. Painted in black with a silver cap the wooden handle creates aesthetic appeal. The construction makes the brush easy to use. Hakuro H55 was made from high quality synthetic, tricolor bristles with a predominantly cream color. Dense and soft bristles do not deform during cleaning. Another feature about bristles is that it is arranged in a round cap and rounded. While using a brush there is no way to lose hair. Perfectly suited to apply the powder. Also be sure to apply mineral products. Thanks to the appropriate profile, the brush works well with evenly distributed cosmetics, leaves no uneven streaks, controls the amount of product applied and makes the powder last longer on the face and will look more natural.

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