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Hakuro H50 - Foundation brush
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Hakuro H50 - Foundation brush

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Brand: Hakuro
Length of the bristles 2.5 cm
Length of the handle 14 cm
Brand: Hakuro
Length of the bristles 2.5 cm
Length of the handle 14 cm

Hakuro H50 is a larger version of a brush H50s of the same brand. Brush by his size makes that the foundation can be applied perfectly and fast. The product is easy to clean and use. And it works for both professionals and the beginners. Help to make the daily and evening makeup. The wooden handle, painted in black with a silver tag create a whole aesthetic and elegant look. Practical design makes the brush is comfortable to use. Hakuro H50 is made of the high quality synthetic fiber, three-coloured with the domination of the cream colour. Thick and soft bristles do not loose the shape during cleaning. In addition it is placed  in a circular ferrule and cut straight so it does not loose the hair when is used. Ideally works for application of liquid and creamy products with different consistencies. Perfect for mineral products. Thanks to proper profiling this brush can cope with the perfect distribution of the products, will not leave unsightly streaks or stains.  it allows you to build opacity and make the foundation long-lasting. For even better results in everyday use, and to use less amount of cosmetics, it is recommended to spray slightly brush with a water. This also makes a more natural makeup.

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Product rating

Average rating 4.90 (1062 reviews)
Reviews of Hakuro H50 - Foundation brush:
Rivka3131 Customer review
2019-10-16 12:04:05
מברשת מקצועית! מושלמת!

Shira Customer review
2019-08-06 08:04:46
מברשת ממש ממש טובה! אני מאד נהנית למרוח איתה את המייקאפ פתרון קל ונוח לשימוש!

VictoriaB Customer review
2019-06-23 11:48:37
The best brush ever! easy to clean and easy to use.

VictoriaB Customer review
2019-06-05 11:01:37
The best foundation brush ever! Easy to use easy to clean.

daria Customer review
2019-04-25 20:32:17

daria Customer review
2019-04-25 20:31:21

moranzoa Customer review
2019-04-06 14:54:25
Very good

Lickova Customer review
2019-03-25 13:01:55
excellent brush

shaked Customer review
2019-02-08 07:59:16
Perfect ! I like it

Shiran Customer review
2018-12-09 06:47:11

merav Customer review
2018-09-26 05:44:07

namratajoshi2917 Customer review
2018-09-19 09:00:58
It is worth every penny spend. Love the product. Super impressed by your service.

chanelena2504 Customer review
2018-08-04 10:49:36
its ok

michalpostolov Customer review
2018-08-03 19:04:05
very good. nice on the skin and work amazingly

tania24 Customer review
2018-07-29 16:09:00
very good foundation brush

Gefenam Customer review
2018-07-22 06:49:45
Great brush!

keren Customer review
2018-05-21 07:37:02
The best make up brush i have

Oshrit1505 Customer review
2018-04-24 14:13:09

shirlu Customer review
2018-04-08 16:39:48

SARA Customer review
2018-02-15 17:50:23

korali21 Customer review
2018-02-14 13:49:34

shelly Customer review
2017-12-11 07:28:44
עושה את העבודה

Keren Customer review
2017-12-11 05:24:34
Great brush

noa Customer review
2017-12-05 10:23:11

hannablu Customer review
2017-11-30 13:49:12
An amazing brush!! Bought it after a friends' recomendation Just love it!!

mimy2604 Customer review
2017-11-23 21:57:47
So soft!! Such a great brush !!! Very recommended

estter Customer review
2017-11-01 00:22:19

Iris Customer review
2017-10-31 06:01:38
great brush! like sigma but cheaper

dvora23 Customer review
2017-10-29 10:09:13
טוב מאוד

dmizrahi Customer review
2017-10-26 09:08:58

Shai Customer review
2017-10-23 19:45:04
הכל טוב עם מברשת זו רק, שהיא בולעת לא מעט חומר

royanat777 Customer review
2017-10-23 16:58:18
very good brush

limofreeling Customer review
2017-10-09 07:43:57
The most excellent brush

Oshrit1505 Customer review
2017-09-10 12:22:55
grate brush

Karina Customer review
2017-08-31 20:03:57

Victoria Customer review
2017-08-24 05:53:22
Greate brush!!!!

shanimizrahi Customer review
2017-07-31 08:57:16
very good. for me a bit bigger for makeup.

natalielaitzhak Customer review
2017-07-18 13:48:08

ritka93 Customer review
2017-07-08 11:29:54
Good brush for foundation. Very soft.

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