Hakuro H24 - Makeup Brush for Blush Bronzer Highlighter

Hakuro H24 - Makeup Brush for Blush Bronzer Highlighter

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VAT rate: 0%
Line: H Everyday Series
Net weight 28 g ( 100 g = $35.57 )
Length of the bristles from 2 cm to 3.2 cm
Length of the handle 15.2 cm
Span of the bristles 3.1 cm

Hakuro H24

It is designed for precise contouring of the face, therefore it is an ideal tool for the distribution of all bronzing powders (bronzers), blushes or highlighters. It is also perfect for applying mineral products. Made of high-quality synthetic bristles with a dominant cream color, it gives a sense of comfort when creating makeup. Very soft bristles are cut diagonally. Thanks to the appropriate profiling, the brush will handle even distribution of products, it will not leave unsightly streaks or stains. During use and cleaning, it does not deform and does not lose bristles. The brush is easy to clean and use. Even in the least experienced hands, it will achieve amazing results. Perfect for home use and professional salons. A wooden handle, painted black with a silver cap, create an aesthetic whole and an elegant look. It will precisely add the right shapes to your face and give it character.

  • Make-up brush.
  • Designed for contouring.
  • It was made of synthetic bristles.
  • It has a black wooden handle and a silver cap.
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Reviews of Hakuro H24 - Makeup Brush for Blush Bronzer Highlighter:

Chana1127 Customer review
I love it

Chana1127 Customer review

Sapir182 Customer review

Kerenk202 Customer review
Nice brush, use it for a counter, blends well.

sara12 Customer review
חברה מעולה של מברשות!

TALY2803 Customer review
Excellent quality. I really like this brush. It is suitable for both blush and bronzer and shimmer in powder.

Lukiyanets76 Customer review
Very good brush

BatyaBk Customer review

אביגייל Customer review

chana26 Customer review
I love it

chana26 Customer review
מברשת מעולה

chana26 Customer review

chana26 Customer review

Tehila89 Customer review

Leenqawasmi Customer review

Chenoren24 Customer review
great product!!

chana26 Customer review

chana26 Customer review

chana26 Customer review
I love it

chana26 Customer review
אני מאוד מרוצה

chana26 Customer review

Shellynac Customer review
The best brush I’ve been using

morya Customer review
I love it!

Ronyizhak Customer review

פיצי Customer review
מברשת טובה מאוד, נוחה לשימוש להצללות

Shavit21 Customer review
אמאלה באמת שאין איכות כזאת!

JEHOSHUA Customer review
נראה טוב

Hadar589 Customer review
Good product very good

lyaharel Customer review
good brush

Lily443 Customer review
the brush is super soft, i love it

TanyaLubarsky Customer review
Я использую для румян, очень экономный расход, наносит тонкий слой. Трудно ошибиться и нанести слишком много! Очень хорошо тушует бронзер и румяна. Не хуже дорогих аналогов! Очень советую эту фирму! Моется легко, шампунь и вода, волоски не выпадают.

Or105 Customer review
כל המברשות של האקורו מדהימות! וגם זו! משתמשת לקונטור ולסומק והיא מעולה!

Or105 Customer review
מברשת מדהימה! כמו כל המברשות של האקורו! קונה כבר פעם שניה!

Laura290 Customer review
Кисть очень хорошего качества, набита плотно.

Laura290 Customer review
Кисть очень понравилась, качество шикарное.

fanny Customer review
מברשת מהממת וטובה.. ממש נעימה על העור

Golani Harel Yael Customer review
מברשת מצוינת, לגמרי עושה את העבודה

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