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Sigma - BASIC EYES KIT - Set of 7 make-up brushes
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Sigma - BASIC EYES KIT - Set of 7 make-up brushes

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Brand: SIGMA
SKU SG01094
Brand: SIGMA
SKU SG01094

EYES KIT by Sigma. Functional set of 5 make-up brushes. Made with great care and attention to detail. It is a good solution for very demanding consumers. Heads were made of synthetic bristles as well as natural bristles placed in nickel-plated caps, resistant to damage and deformation. The wooden handle was covered with black lacquer.

The set includes:

E05 - Made of high quality synthetic bristles. The hair is elastic, flexible and well-shaped. Such shape allows you to accurately draw lines with eyeliner in gel or shadow. The brush allows for perfect application of creamy and gel products. The hair was arranged in a silver, nickel-plated round cap.

Dimensions: Handle length 16.2 cm, bristles length 0.8 cm.

E30 -Brush for highlighting the lower eyelid and applying eyeshadows in the eye crease. Great for precise grinding of shadows and illuminating of the inner eye corner. Made of natural, blached goat hair which is characterized by high quality. The hair is soft, 'egg' / ball shaped.

Dimensions: Handle length 16.7 cm, bristles length 1 cm.

E40 - Perfect for blending or grinding eyeshadows. Made of natural goat hair (light spat), provides extremely precise shading effect. The brush does not irritate the very delicate eyelid skin.

Dimensions: Handle length 16.8 cm, bristles length 2 cm.

E55 - Great for applying loose and pressed eyeshadows.  For distributing eyeshadows over the entire eyelid, but also great for illuminating the inner eye corner. Made of natural pony hair(oval) - resilient and dense, allowing for precise application of cosmetics. The bristles make shadows evenly spread.

Dimensions: Handle length 16.8 cm, bristles length 1 cm.

E60 - Brush for applying loose or creamy eyeshadows. Due to it's size, the brush works well in distributing shadows over the entire eyelid. Made of high quality, natural red marten bristles. The brush hair is oval, suitably elastic and soft. Allows precise application of cosmetics in any refraction, as well as making corrective make-up of 'droopy eyelids'.

Dimensions: Handle length 17 cm, bristles length 1.6 cm.

E65 - Made of high quality synthetic bristles. This hair is elastic, suitably flexible, arranged diagonally. This brush shape allows you to accurately mark your eyebrow arch or draw lines with shadows or gel eyeliner. The brush does not leave unsightly streaks, it allows the perfect application of cream and gel products.

Dimensions: Handle length 16 cm, bristles length 0.5 - 0.6 cm.

E70 - Perfect for make-up shading, grinding eyeshadows, and applying eyeshadows to bones above the mobile eyelid. The brush is useful for making 'smoky eye' make-up. Made of natural pony hair.The pony hair is characterized by elasticity, flexibility, which makes the brush reliable when applying a bit 'harder' shades, requiring more attention. The slant hair makes shadows perfectly spread.

Dimensions: Handle length 16.2 cm, bristles length 1 - 1.3 cm.

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