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Maestro - Powder Brush - 150
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Maestro - Powder Brush - 150

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Brand: Maestro

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Maestro - Powder Brush - 150 - 150 r 20 - 150 r 20
150 r 20
Maestro - Powder Brush - 150 - 150 r 22 - 150 r 22
150 r 22
Brand: Maestro

Professional make-up brushes by a Polish brand - Maestro. The brushes in sizes 20 and 22 were made of synthetic bristles. The 150 series brushes are Maestro's HIT - versatile brushes, reliable for face contouring as well as applying blush. The delicate trapezoid hair, trimmed to the right length and properly shaded, makes the contouring effect extremely precise. This brush becomes the most necessary tool, even in the least experienced hands. It does not cause streaks, it does not deform, reliable in everyday use. The hair is embedded in a nickel-plated copper cap, which is difficult to bend and deform, which guarantees it's longevity. The flattened cap makes the bristles perfectly spread during 'work'.The brush has a wooden handle that was painted black is elegantly shiny and resistant to abrasion. The shape of the handle perfectly fits the palm of your hand - so is does not slip from it during usage.


- 150 series brushes are designed for application of powder, bronzer, blush and facial modeling.

- pointed shape,

- size 20 was made of soft and elastic goat hair, size 22 was made of synthetic bristles.

- wooden and lacquered handle,

- Nickel-plated cap - flattened.


- R 20 bristles diameter: 20mm, bristles length: 39mm, total brush length: 18.7 cm

- R 22 bristles diameter: 22mm, bristles length: 42mm, total brush length: 22.8 cm

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