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Lash Me Up! - Invisible Collection - Natural eyelashes on a transparent bar - Crazy In Love
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Lash Me Up! - Invisible Collection - Natural eyelashes on a transparent bar - Crazy In Love

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Brand: Lash Me Up!
Brand: Lash Me Up!

Invisible Collection - Crazy In Love - Natural eyelashes on a transparent strip by Lash Me Up! Made of the highest quality 100% natural mink hair, which is free from chemicals and dyes.
The product is extremely light, soft and looks very natural. The eyelashes perfectly lift eyes, while providing deep and sensual look ( wide range of eyelashes for different types of eyes).
The eyelash application is extremely simple, and their wearing is comfortable and undetectable. They are designed so that they can be applied up to 25 times with proper care.
Placed in a very elegant and charming packaging, making it great as a gift.

The Invisible Collection is a classic, favorite model where the black strip has been replaced with a transparent gel.
#Crazy In Love Eyelashes is an A-shaped model that has frayed ends and a transparent strap, guaranteeing an extremely natural yet expressive effect. The  hair length is between 10 and 15 mm.

  • Natural eyelashes on a transparent strip.
  • Made of mink bristles.
  • Seamless application.
  • Optically enlarge eyes and provide an original effect.

1. Prepare artificial eyelashes and try their length to your lashes (do not apply glue yet). If they are too wide you should trim the lash strap from the outside.
2. Apply a thin layer of eyelash adhesive to the product, wait 10 seconds until the adhesive becomes sticky.
3. Use tweezers to apply Lash Me Up lashes! Just above your natural lash line. Gently squeeze your lashes, paying more attention to the ends. Hold for a few seconds.
1. To remove artificial lashes, hold the strap from the outside and gently peel off your eyes.
2. Gently clean the lashes from glue and place them in the box until the next application.

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