KAVAI - Eyeshadow Grinding Brush - K80

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Makeup Brush by KAVAI. Ideal for blending and grinding shadows and their application in the eyelid folds. Efficiently and seamlessly distributes cosmetic products, leaving no spots. Made of natural goat hair, with the addition of synthetic nonwoven fabric. The head was arranged in a silver cap and on a wooden black handle. The brush lies well in the palm of your hand and is easy to maintain clean. It helps to prepare day and evening make-up. Suitable softness does not irritate the delicate eyelid skin.

  • Make-up brush
  • Ideal for application of shadows in the eyelid crease and for blending and combining colors.
  • Easily distributes cosmetics.
  • Mixed bristles do not fall off, nor leave unsightly streaks.
  • The profiled wooden handle well lies in the palm of your hand.
Brand: KAVAI
Net weight 5 g
Bristles diameter 0.8 cm
Length of the bristles 1.7 cm
Length of the handle 14.6 cm
Span of the bristles 0.9 cm

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Reviews of KAVAI - Eyeshadow Grinding Brush - K80:

Customer review
2018-10-14 00:28:15
Kavai brushes are so soft