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Your Natural Side - 100% Natural Red Clay - 100 g
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Your Natural Side - 100% Natural Red Clay - 100 g

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Brand: Your Natural Side
Net weight 100 g
Composition ILLITE;
Brand: Your Natural Side
Net weight 100 g
Composition ILLITE;

Natural Red Clay by Your Natural SIde. Suitable for the care of tired, mixed and oily, sensitive, uneven skin and vascular complexion with rosacea. The product improves blood and lymph circulation. In addition, it effectively regenerates irritated skin, accelerates the healing of skin irritations and micro-injuries.

  • Red clay.
  • It is suitable for problematic, sensitive, oily, mixed, vascular and tired complexions.
  • It accelerates the healing of irritations.
  • Vegan product.

- FACE / BODY MASK - add 2 teaspoons of your favorite oil and a teaspoon of floral water to the clay, and then mix until smooth. Apply to face and hold about 10 minutes. Then wash the mask with warm, boiled water and moisten the skin with oil. Apply 1-2 times a week.
- COMPRESSES - pour the clay into a glass container and pour fresh water to cover the clay completely. Then mix the mass with a wooden spatula. Place the dish near the heat source before use. Heat the heated clay pack for selected parts of the body.
- BATHS - pour 100 g of clay into the bathtub and pour in warm water. It is used for colds, it also has a relaxing and relaxing effect.
- TEETH WASHING - soak a wet powder brush. Brush teeth and gums just like ordinary toothpaste
- HAIR WASHING - mix: 10 g of clay and 20 ml of floral water. Apply the paste on hair and hold for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.

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