Long4Lashes - Professional - Eyelash Intensive Enhancing Therapy - 3 ml

Long4Lashes - Professional - Eyelash Intensive Enhancing Therapy - 3 ml

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Brand: Long4Lashes
Capacity (ml) 3 ( 100 ml = $237.67 )
PAO shelf life 6M

Long4Lashes serum accelerating eyelash growth

Long4Lashes by Oceanic intensive eyelash strengthening treatment lengthens, thickens, strengthens eyelashes and improves their condition. With regular use, hair grows faster and looks better.

It is especially recommended for women after artificial eyelash extension and lamination treatments who are looking for a strengthening product to use in daily care. This is a response to the needs of people who have given up wearing false eyelashes and are looking for a product that will improve the condition of their natural eyelashes.

Serum accelerating eyelash growth 3 ml Long4Lashes - active ingredients

Long4Lashes eyelash growth accelerating serum, when used regularly, effectively strengthens, nourishes and moisturizes the hair at every phase of their life. The complex of active substances used is a patented formula of the brand with proven effects after just 3 weeks of use.

The preparation contains biotin , which supplements nutritional deficiencies, effectively nourishes and supports the condition of eyelashes.

The combination of natural oils - almond and rice germ - allows you to moisturize your eyelashes for a long time and make them shiny. As a result, even long eyelashes look natural and are very aesthetic.

Hyaluronic acid has a positive effect on the level of hydration, and additionally smoothes the surface and ensures that the eyelashes become nourished.

Provitamin B5 penetrates the hair fiber very well, thus improving its structure.

How to use Long 4 Lashes eyelash serum?

An application test conducted in an independent Research Laboratory shows that after 3 weeks of regular use, the serum effectively thickens, thickens and lengthens eyelashes. For the final effect, a full treatment lasting 4 months should be carried out. After its completion, it is recommended to use the serum 3-4 times a week to still have strong and beautiful eyelashes.

  1. Before applying the serum, thoroughly remove make-up from your face and eyes. Properly cleansed with micellar fluid and gel, the skin will be properly prepared for the application of conditioner. Do not use the preparation on uncleaned, painted eyelashes.

  2. Apply the serum on the upper lash line with one precise brush stroke. Remember not to use it on the lower lash line.

  3. Repeat the action every evening to have stronger and thicker eyelashes.

Using it does not take much time and can become a regular part of your evening care. After stopping use, your eyelashes may weaken slightly, so to maintain the effects, it is recommended to use a second package and use the preparation several times a week.

Visible effects of eyelash strengthening with Long4Lashes serum

Visibly longer, thicker eyelashes are the dream of many people. The serum from Long4Lashes guarantees the first effects just a few days after starting to use this product. The preparation can be successfully used by people who wear contact lenses every day after removing them. This product is also recommended for patients after chemotherapy and for anyone interested in eyelash extension and overall improvement of their condition. Eyelashes become stronger and grow faster.

Long4Lashes eyelash treatment:

  • Ensures faster eyelash growth.

  • Improves the appearance of eyelashes.

  • It thickens and thickens the eyelashes.

  • It has a precise applicator.

  • Does not irritate the eyes.

  • Provides first results after 3 weeks of use.

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