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Gift voucher ladymakeup - 50 zł - Electronic version (PDF) - WERSJA ELEKTRONICZNA (PDF)
Electronic version (PDF)
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50.00 zł
Gift voucher ladymakeup - 50 zł - Paper version - WERSJA PAPIEROWA
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Gift Voucher worth 50 zł. It's a modern way of gift. It replaces money and is available in electronic or paper form (the choice is up to the customer). Gift voucher can be used once in our store Ladymakeup with a value expressed on the voucher (not smaller). It's a nice gift for friends or family member. You can pay with the gift voucher for all range of products available in the store Ladymakeup. Buying a gift voucher you save your time and money and it's always the perfect present when you just can't choose.

Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash  - for use only in our store Ladymakeup

No expiry date, can be used at any time.


Choosing electronic version  of the gift voucher (pdf), select the delivery option "collection in person". The voucher will be send with the instruction to your e-mail. Selecting paper version, please also select the delivery method.

Please note, the electronic version voucher is not emailed instantly - it is created by our staff, usually a few hours after you place your order. If your order is urgent, please e-mail/ring us and we'll try to get it out as soon as possible.


Brand: Ladymakeup

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Cost of delivery to the country United States, starts from 22.00 zł - Polish post office registered letter USA (depending on the weight of products), products in the warehouse are sent out in 24h. (Check details)

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