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W7 - Paintbox 77 SHADES
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W7 - Paintbox 77 SHADES

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Brand: W7
SKU W716395
PAO shelf life 12M
Brand: W7
SKU W716395
PAO shelf life 12M

PAINTBOX 77 SHADES. A palette of 77 eyeshadows by a British brand - W7. The set is designed for people starting their make-up adventure, who like to experiment with colors and forms. The rich palette of shadows has everything you need to do your daily or evening make-up. After application of pearl-satin shadows you will get a soft shine on the eyelid. Available in a wide range of shades of blue, green, bronze, gold, orange, beige, peach, gray and pink. It makes literally any make-up possible. Shadows do not shine, do not roll, and do not settle in collapses. A mirror placed under the closing lid. Equipped with two applicators with a soft, white sponges for applying shadows. The low price allows you to create countless make-up combinations.

-closed palette: 22.5 cm x 16.5 cm

-mirror: 22 cm x 1.7 cm

-applicator: total length 8 cm

-single shadow diameter: 1.7 cm

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Product rating

Average rating 4.24 (70 reviews)
Reviews of W7 - Paintbox 77 SHADES:
orshaked Customer review
2017-10-07 09:58:08
Great product

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