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The Art of make-up. Album by Wioletta Wypijewska-Stepien and Anna Ciechomska. It presents creative, innovative and very unique make-up art. Extraordinary styling makes the album unique. A large number of artistic sessions will appeal to both the make-up artist and future photographers. The publication features the greatest Polish artists including: Grażyna Wolszczak, Beata Sadowska, Aleksandra Szwed, Majka Jeżowska, Joanna Koroniewska, Joanna Liszowska, Natalia Kukulska, Anna Przybylska, Weronika Książkiewicz. The book contains interesting tips, descriptions of the presented looks and many valuable information from the world of makeup. The Art of make-up is recommended for all professional make-up artists, beginners to this art as well as women who love make-up.


'This extraordinary book is dedicated to all talented and passionate make-up artists who do to their work with unwavering enthusiasm and are (like us :)) unbelievably optimistic believers that in life there is nothing impossible. We send a lot of love to our 'makeup artist children', whom, during various courses, we introduced into this fabulously colorful world and encouraged to get the first make-up cuts. We are very proud of you, may you never lose your creative power! Finally, we would like to thank all our friends who supported us in any way, inspired to work, motivated to fulfill the great dream of creating this album. With emotional support and warm words in times of doubt we were all very grateful to you'.


Our Dearest, we present you an album that we have worked on for almost three years. Our ambition was to show a new, more artistic interpretation of popular faces. The artists who agreed to pose for our sessions were treated like muses. We tried to show them in completely different ways, completely different from those we see in the media every day. We have created this publication for makeup artists who want to climb to a higher, more satisfying make-up level. Anyone who is not afraid to go beyond the boundaries of the classic makeup convention, will find a mine of creative inspiration here. In 'The Art of Make-up' we tried to picture the makeup in a completely different dimension, less literal, more artistic and abstract. Creative approach to our profession makes the creation of the visual arts find their place in the category of art. Like other artworks that we admire on the walls of galleries or museums, saturated with colors, rich in styling make up the same value and creates a similar aesthetic experience. Working on this album was for us the most ambitious and at the same time the most interesting challenge we faced on our long career path. For a moment we let ourselves go beyond the narrow framework of utilitarian makeup and appeal to the world of abstraction - a unique experience that we will not forget for a long time. We hope our album has the chance to become an important testimony to the fact that make-up is a full-fledged field of art.

Words can not fully reflect what is meant for eyes, the whole richness of colors and forms. It is not worth talking about much of what is better to be seen and experienced, so we invite you see what we've done!

Anna Ciechomska, Wioletta Wypijewska-Stępień.


- Soft cover.

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