Pierre René - HYBRID REMOVING WRAPS - 50 pcs.

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HYBRID REMOVING WRAPS by Pierre René. Foils for removing hybrid varnish. The kit includes 50 pieces, which are a problem-free way to remove hybrids. They help save time and money - to remove the varnish it is enough to dampen the swab in acetone, apply it to the nail, wrap it with foil and after a few minutes to remove it. The whole was placed in an aesthetic carton.

  • Foils with cotton swabs.
  • They enable downloading hybrid varnish.
  • The set contains 50 pieces.
  • Easy to use.

1. Remove the foil from the packaging.
2. Soak a cotton swab stuck to the foil with HYBRID REMOVER.
3. Place the swab on the nail exactly covering the entire nail plate.
4. Wrap the foil tightly around the nail so that the cotton swab adheres firmly to the plate.
5. Leave for 5-10 minutes.
6. Gently remove the foil from the nail. Check that the varnish comes off the surface of the epidermis. If so, remove the foil.
7. Residue the varnish with a bamboo stick.

Brand: Pierre Rene

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