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Brand Peggy Sage

Peggy Sage cosmetics

PEGGY SAGE was established in the US in 1925. Initially, the product sales took place in the homes of selected clients. The brand specialized mainly in nail care products: varnishes, oils, conditioners, which have a wide range of colors and textures. Currently, the company focuses on three categories: manicure, care and makeup. Peggy Sage is a professional brand that can be found in a specific network of authorized partners around the world. Brand continues to grow and flourish on 5 continents. For some time the brand had problems, but has been successfully renewed. Jean-Paul Collomb thanks to the large, experience in hairdressing and beauty took PEGGY SAGE back on the road of success. In 2000 the headquarters was located in Bonneville - this resulted in a positive impact on the brand's development. Currently PEGGY SAGE has a modern factory, packing hall, show room and constantly invests. Cosmetic packaging have a 'Green Mark' which indicates that it participates in the global system of waste sorting, selective collection and recycling of waste from packaging. In 2007 Peggy Sage introduced biodegradable plastic bags. Peggy Sage made cosmetology a creative element in the world of aesthetic treatments, while remaining professional.