Nails Trendy - NAIL STYLING SUMMER 2018 - No 3/2018

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Nails Trendy is a magazine for lovers of everything related to the world of nails. You can find a lot of valuable tips and hints in it, making it a real treat for both professionals and people starting their adventure with manicure. Edition 3/2018 has interesting and useful information on the styling of nails for the summer of 2018. The whole is completed with beautiful pictures.
The magazine is accompanied by the FREE PRO Peel-off BASE brand MISTERO MILANO.

"Finally, it's time for relaxation, sunshine, uninhibited neon stylizations and subdued nudes - every client will find something for themselves. In this holiday season we put in WOW! trends on juicy Lime Punch, unobvious Spring Crocus and classic Warm Sand - colors from this year's Pantone palette. Do not forget about the leading trends: fruit, cookies and those with a maritime theme. Although, in fact, everything is fashionable in the summer, only the imagination limits us!
Let's remember feet that can finally breathe after long, cool months to be our pride. In addition to classic methods, let's use Pedicure express or Pedicure podology.
Let's also take care of the skin of our hands, which, nourished from the inside, thanks to the dietary advice of Natalia Ulewicz, will be moisturized and radiant. We give you a full edition of colorful summer inspirations in a step-by-step form - use them at will! :) ''

Have a nice read.

Greetings sunny.

The NAILS Trendy magazine team.

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