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LOVETO.PL - Set of 5 make-up brushes + cosmetic bag
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LOVETO.PL - Set of 5 make-up brushes + cosmetic bag

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Set of brushes by LOVETO.PL - Consists of 5 elements. Perfect for eye make-up. The black wooden handles together with the metal caps of the same color make an aesthetic and elegant impression. Each brush has a white logo on it. LOVETO.PL brushes lie in the palm of your hand perfectly making it easy to work with cosmetic. The hair does not fall out and does not deform. The brushes do not leave streaks and apply the right amount of shadows and distribute them evenly. The attached cosmetic bag is made of material that imitates natural skin. The inside is covered with red material and has a small lockable compartment.


  • Set of 5 brushes for eye makeup.
  • Made of synthetic fiber and bristles.
  • Stylish black colour design.
  • Ideal for daily use.​


- P30 - for applying shadows to the entire eyelid. Made of natural bristles. DIMENSIONS: handle length 15.9 cm, bristle length 1.5 cm, bristle range 1.3 cm.

- P31 - for applying shadows and concealer for minor imperfections. Made of synthetic nonwoven fabric. Dimensions: handle length 16 cm, bristle length 0.9 cm, bristle range 0.9 cm.


- P32 - for applying shadows and pulping lines. Made of natural bristles. DIMENSIONS: handle length 16.3 cm, bristle length 1 cm, bristle range 1 cm.


- B50 - for applying shadows, made of synthetic fiber. Dimensions: handle length 16 cm, bristle length 0.7 cm, bristle range 1.1 cm.


- E60 - for creating lines or contouring lips. Made of synthetic bristles. DIMENSIONS: handle length 16.5 cm, bristle length 0.7 cm, bristle range 0.2 cm, hair diameter 0.2 cm.

- COSMETIC BAG - DIMENSIONS: length: 24 cm, height: 10.8 cm, width: 1 cm.


Ladymakeup advises: To avoid deformation of the bristles dry them in the covers after washing.

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