KillyS - MAGICAL 3D SPONGES - 2 make-up sponges

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MAGICAL 3D SPONGES by KillyS. The set includes two sponges of different sizes. Larger, purple sponge perfectly spreads foundation, giving the natural second skin effect, while the smaller, blue will cover all imperfections or distribute concealer around eyes, nose or mouth. Both products do not absorb cosmetics or leave streaks and stains. In addition, they reduce visibility of pores and fine wrinkles.


  • Sponges for applying cosmetics.
  • Two products.
  • Second skin effect.
  • Reduction of visibility of pores, imperfections and fine wrinkles.
  • Allows to reach hardly accessible areas of your face.

1. Before application dampen in lukewarm water. This will prevent absorption of excess cosmetics.
2. Squeeze out excess water.
3. Apply foundation using the wide side of the sponge.

4. Finish your make-up by applying the cosmetics to hardly accessible areas with the mini sponge.

Brand: Inter-Vion
Net weight 14 g

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2019-03-29 07:34:33
נקרע אחרי כמה שימושים
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2018-12-18 16:31:34
Customer review
2018-07-31 08:12:27
Ok, regular
Customer review
2017-11-05 08:13:48
Good sponge