Jolanta Wagner - How to become a perfect make-up artist TEXTBOOK

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The Warsaw early spring is not conducive to creative work. Mud, dusk, tired faces and trash in the streets. How to write a good book about makeup in such conditions?

Little thinking, I packed my suitcase and fled into the warmer areas.

Soon, I enjoyed the landscape and sea air on the hotel's terrace. I would prefer to go to the beach and lie in the sun with my eyes closed. I did not really want to write.

When I returned to the room to change into a bathing suit, I saw a secretary in the corner. Small, elegant, very feminine. I sat down beside him and stroked the top of my skin with a well-rounded, firm-skinned, smooth-faced young woman. Memories of memories, thoughts, information and a familiar feeling of impatient waiting for the final ... Instead of costume I took out a laptop. I knew that my book would rise.

About beautifully you can write only in beautiful surroundings - such is that island that hotel. And this book is a guide to the land of beauty, which lies in every, even in the most ugly face, the textbook of the art of extracting beauty from the level of neglect and banality.

I hope that my book will become a "must have" for every makeup artist and will contribute to the development of this profession in Poland.

Jolanta Wagner

(Jolanta Wagner - make-up artist, image designer, artistic director of the European Academy of Artistic Aesthetics.)

This handbook was created to help young filmmakers in the difficult art of pursuing perfection. The book contains expert advice, accurate drawings and comments. The publication is unmatched among the make-up books.

DRAWINGS: Sabina Strachnik



EDITORIAL : Anna Poppek


20.7 cm x 29.6 cm

PLAIN: soft

Brand: Jolanta Wagner Professional Make Up Cosmetic
Language Polish

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