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Inter-Vion - MINI 3D Sponges
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Inter-Vion - MINI 3D Sponges

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Brand: Inter-Vion
Brand: Inter-Vion

MINI 3D SPONGES by Inter-Vion. The set of two mini make-up sponges. Ideal for precise application of cosmetics in hard to reach, such as around eyes, mouth and nose areas. They are also suitable for applying creamy blush or highlighter. The product is made of innovative latex-free material, so it will not irritate even the most sensitive skin.

  • Set of two mini sponges.
  • The product perfectly spreads and blends the cosmetics.
  • Leaves silky, natural finish.
  • Easy to maintain cleanliness.

1. Before application, soak the sponge in lukewarm water. This will prevent the absorption of cosmetics.
2. Squeeze excess water.
3. Apply tproducts with 'stamping' movements.

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