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Hakuro - Shadow Brush - H80
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Hakuro - Shadow Brush - H80

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Brand: Hakuro
Length of the bristles 11 mm
Length of the handle 16.5 cm
Brand: Hakuro
Length of the bristles 11 mm
Length of the handle 16.5 cm

Cosmetic brush  of the popular Polish brand Hakuro. Brush H80 is made of high quality natural goat's bristles. Very soft bristles arranged in a circular ferrule, were cut in the shape of little 'eggs' / balls. Through it's shape and profiling perfectly fulfills its role, precisely distributes shadows in hardly accessible places. The bristles used in the Brush does not irritate the skin and is pleasant to use. It is an indispensable tool for eye make-up. Ideal for highlighting the lower eyelid and shadow application in the crease or in the outside of the eye. It is also ideal in precise grinding of shadows (especially if we want fewer shadows) and brightening the inner corner of the eye.

Brush does not leave unsightly streaks, does not lose hair and does not deform. Easy to clean and use. Achieves excellent results even in the least experienced hands. Wooden handle, painted black with a silver tag create an aesthetic appearance. It allows you to freely dispense the right amount of product and build color clarity. Solid performance makes the brush is resistant to damage.

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Product rating

Average rating 4.91 (288 reviews)
Reviews of Hakuro - Shadow Brush - H80:
Olga Customer review
2019-03-27 21:14:15
perfectly conveys the product

Kuznitsov Customer review
2019-02-22 12:15:50
my favorite brush for shading dark colors

Shiran Customer review
2018-04-27 06:34:24
Amazing brush, very good quality, happy with that porches

yafitkugman Customer review
2018-04-04 20:49:07
Its a good brush. A bit stiff for my taste. There are better brushes.

oritg101 Customer review
2018-02-13 09:09:26
a wonderful brush in a reasonable price.

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