Hakuro - Primer brush - H52

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H52 cosmetic brush by Hakuro. Made of high quality synthetic bristles, bicolor - brown hair with bright tips. Very dense and soft bristles, arranged in a round cap, were cut round to form a 'ball' . It is the perfect tool for spreading any liquid, creamy product - such as foundation, concealer, blush. It is also indispensable for the application of mineral products. It will meet the expectations of all demanding consumers looking for a brush for daily application of primer. The brush does not leave unsightly streaks, does not lose it's bristles and does not deform. For even better results in everyday use, and for the smallest amount of cosmetics, it is recommended to spray the product gently with water before picking it up. H52 brush , compared to H54 (also ball), is smaller and has thicker hair. Easy to maintain clean and use. Even in the least experienced hands will achieve amazing results. The wooden handle, painted in black with a silver cap, creates an aesthetic appearance.

Brand: Hakuro
Length of the bristles 2.5 cm
Length of the handle 13.2 cm

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Reviews of Hakuro - Primer brush - H52:

Customer review
2018-12-05 23:02:52
Perfect quality
Customer review
2018-08-15 21:59:55
Love it