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Brand Ecotools

EcoTools Make-up Brushes

ECOTOOLS - a well known all over the world brand producing high quality cosmetic accessories. All the accessories offered by the brand are environmentally friendly. They are made of environmentally friendly and durable materials , some of which come from recycling (eg aluminum brushes). ECOTOOLS very often uses bamboo in production, among others for Brush handles . Aesthetic and functional cases are sewn with flax and cotton. Even the slider holders are made of natural cork. The products are 100% cruelty-free because ECOTOOLS bristles are synthetic and no animal hair is used to produce them. Packages in which the products are located are reusable bags for storage and, above all, biodegradable, recyclable. The brand in a completely new and innovative way combines two important aspects for women: fashion and ecology while retaining the very high quality level of the products they offer.