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Delfa - Set of 12 make-up brushes + Case
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Delfa - Set of 12 make-up brushes + Case

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Brand: Delfa
Net weight 180 g

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Delfa - Set of 12 make-up brushes + Case - 3 - MAHOGANY MIX - 3 - MAHOŃ MIX
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Brand: Delfa
Net weight 180 g

Set of brushes by Delfa. Practical set of twelve brushes for face make-up. The brushes have hair different in length, thickness and softness. They were made of synthetic bristles, goat hair, sable hair, pony hair and sponge. The set consists of brushes for powder / bronzer, blush / bronzer, shading and grinding, applying eyeshadows, cleansing, eyebrows, lips, eyeliner, mascara and brush with a comb. The accessories work perfectly with any dry or creamy cosmetics. Each instrument was embedded in a metal cap. The handles were made of wood and profiled so that the brushes do not slip from the hand during usage. The set was equipped with a case with baffles and magnetic latches, made of eco leather. Provides excellent protection for brushes, both at home and on the go.

The set is intended for people who start learning or having fun with make-up.

Each brush was made of natural wood. The brushes may vary in shade and texture.

The set contains:

- Delfa - Brush powder / bronzer - handle length 16.8 cm, bristles 4.4 cm.

- Delfa - Brush for blush / bronze - handle length 16.2 cm, bristles 3.8 cm.

- Delphi - Brush for shading and grinding - handle length 17.8 cm, bristles 1.3 cm.

- Delfa - Shading brush - handle length 17.5 cm, bristles 1.2 cm.

- Delfa - Fan brush for face cleaning - handle length 17,8 cm, bristles 3,4 cm.

- Delfa - Shading brush (flat) - handle length 16.3 cm, bristles 0.8 cm.

- Delphi - Brush for the mouth ("feline tongue") - handle length 17.3 cm, bristles 0.8 cm.

- Delfa - Eyebrow brush - handle length - 17 cm, bristles 0.5 - 0.7 cm.

- Delfa - Eyeliner brush - for drawing lines - handle length 17 cm, bristles 0.6 cm.

- Delfa - Eyeshadow applicator - handle length 17 cm, applicator 0.9 cm x 1 cm.

- Delfa - Mascara - handle length 17.2 cm, spiral 2.5 cm.

- Delfa - Comb and brush for combing eyelashes and eyebrow styling - handle length 16 cm, bristles 1 cm, comb 0.6 cm.

- Delfa - Case 13 cm x 32.5 cm.

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