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Chocolate & Orange Candle by Bomb Cosmetics. A candle with the scent of chocolate and orange. It has a sweet aroma. The product was made by hand. The top of the candle was decorated with wax hearts. It is placed in a metal can with a lid. It will be an interesting interior decoration and after burning can serve as a storage container.
  • Handmade scented candle.
  • Available in fragrance of chocolate and orange.
  • Enough for about 45-50 hours of smoking.
  • Will smell the most intensely in rooms no larger than about 15-20m2.
Brand: Bomb Cosmetics
Additional information PRECAUTIONS: Place on a heat-resistant surface. Do not place near things that may catch fire. Do not put a lit candle in the draft. Do not touch until completely cool. Do not leave the lit candle unattended. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Leave a minimum of 10cm space between lit candles. Make sure the wick is about 5mm long before igniting to avoid overheating and overheating. Stop firing when it is less than 5mm wax.

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